Earnings Report discussion (December 2022)

The updates and bug fixings seems to be affecting earnings and number of item licenses.

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Hi all. The Item Performance tab was restored last night, after our Data team made some updates.

@zendcrew Could you be more specific about the issue that you’re seeing? The item-level data has been through many checks since the report was taken offline last Friday, and all published data should be accurate.

@voarcc Which item categories have these rejections been for? I can get more specific info from the teams that review those item types.

My team is currently looking at ways to improve item quality and reduce the rate of rejections, as it’s obviously a huge point of frustration for all concerned: it’s a waste of your time to produce items that get rejected, and it’s also not an efficient use of reviewer time if their categories consistently get too many submissions that don’t make it onto the site.

Ideally, we have a range of ways to help you identify opportunities (dashboard reports, trends & insights content via email and Author Hub, etc) to learn about which item types are needed most, and then back that up with specific information about what features those items need to have in order to be accepted. We’ve been improving the first part, but still have a lot to do on the second one.

Some quick ideas about things we’re considering:

  • Side-by-side comparisons of high performing items against low-performing ones (or rejected items?), showing the technical and design differences that set the top items apart from the rest.
  • More customer-level information about trends, so we communicate how specific items are used by different groups, instead of just what those items should look like. That often dictates the technical requirements for those items.
  • Information on where demand is dropping off, or where quality and commercial guidelines have changed - so you don’t waste time developing content that’s no longer likely to be approved

The daily earnings steadily dropped to around 2.xx before bouncing back today, the daily item licenses also dropped to about 7 licenses before bouncing back today, it’s unusual,


exactly same thing happened with me i uploaded more than 30 animations and they all are rejected its been happening since a month and i am sure that elements library only wants items based on topics rather than quality and first they reject and after some months they say your items were good we are accepting it. they play joke with creators. envato need to do something about it but they can’t they are too busy in their extremely effective marketing which brought a extreme level rise in our income.

Good start of the month until the Author Dashboard Unscheduled Maintenance. After that, earnings were back to the same terrible average drop.


Just in case you aren’t aware, the dashboard doesn’t show daily earnings. It is based on what day a subscriber starts or renews their subscription. (If you already knew this, feel free to ignore my response.) :smiley:

This is how help desk explained it to me…

“So this one is a bit tricky, given the Subscriber Share model we use. There isn’t a specific day, as it all depends on what day the subscriber who used your item renews their subscription; there are several other things to consider here.
It’s important to note that this isn’t an earnings report; this is purely their items being licensed to give item performance signals.
It does sound like you are trying to keep an on your earnings; the best way is to go to their Earnings Overview page.
Here are some details that might help you better understand how this happens; as each subscriber’s period ends, we will calculate their usage in the 30 days subscription period and then add this to their earnings. It will be 33 days behind, but each day we will update it as the subscriber’s 30-day period ends.
I hope I brought some more clarity to this, Marg. Please let me know if you have any other questions. I don’t always have the answer, but I have the tools to get the information you need.”

How do you check number of licenses downloaded?

I want to know the answer too.
How can I check the number of licenses downloaded of each item?

There’s no way to do that.

I’m aware of how the earnings are calculated,
the dashboard does show the daily earnings, and it is based on what day a subscription period starts, but the calculated amount is added to the dashboard 33 days later (on a daily bases).

Okay, just double checking. I used to think they were the actual sales for each day and was confused by the huge fluctuation.


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hence the low earnings use to continue day by day now the worst average figure is becoming the highest. earlier they said the earning is low due to holidays season now i can see they are just giving us what they want any random figure or the customers are smart enough to exactly download things which gives me almost similar figure at the end. i will not upload any new items until they rise their figure also the reason is poor review system and mass rejection.

Low, low, low, low. It’s going down. Like… as down as posssible.

today 0,55 cents after tax.

Best christmas gift, lol. An empty gift box.
This is impressive. Can’t believe this number is real.


Yeah, earnings are really low, I don’t know how low this will go. Beautiful year, bye content bonus, market is frozen. Well, can’t wait for 2023 :roll_eyes:


Hello, BenLeong!

I would have small idea about this constant rejection issue we are facing with.

I am at some another agency, where system works like that (photos only - but could work for other items Envato has, I guess):

-Step 1:
Author uploads photos in limited number of items per one batch, nothing else
-Step 2:
Review team chooses only best items and sends author an email notice about accepted items
-Step 3:
Author then keywords and puts all necessary item descriptions on only those selected items
-Step 4:
Items are (guess so, do not know exactly) go through another review process and are accepted, send to database, send online for sale

I would like to know how this system looks for Envato?

Authors would have less work, review team would have to look at items twice, yes, but only on accepted items from step 2. And because there are so big rejections in a place, items would be in lower number.

Just an idea.

I guess you did thought about and refuse it. Or not?
Thank you.


Actually this looks like huge time / energy saver. Interesting.

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Low earnings…

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Thank you. Yes, It does.

officially my worst day since joining the elements. 90% drop.