Earnings Report discussion (December 2022)

I do not see any reason or potential in selling AI art. But it’s incredibly useful in concept art. When you have an idea, and you want to test it, how it will look, what colors could be used, what shape or composition it may be. It’s great for brainstorming, seeking new approaches, etc. It’s like you have a coworker, and you ask him what he thinks about your idea, and what else he can add to it.


Do you guys see the market earnings via the Elements Author Dashboard?
MY EE earning are ok, but when I check the market earnings, I only see a list of 11 files that are not mine!
Is it happening only to me?

@Rickyloca that’s right. It’s the same with me…
Items from other authors are displayed :sweat_smile:
@BenLeong please fix this as it is very disturbing.
And I have a general question, when can we expect this whole Author Dashboard to work properly?
I understand that things can break from time to time, but here it happens too often.


Unfortunately I’m getting earnings from random authors and not from themefusion, videolancer, misterhorse… :joy:


Thanks for raising @Rickyloca

I have reported this to our dev team.

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Author Dashboard Disabled Until Monday 12th December

Based on the reports above, we will be placing the Author Dashboard under maintenance until this issue can be resolved. Thanks for everyone’s patience :pray:


Probably the earnings are so high that the team needs 3 days to calculate them :grin:


You are evil. You will burn in hell, next to dubstep music inventor. :smiley:

No Update

Hi all.

The Author Dashboard earnings reports are back online, for Market and Elements earnings. The most recent day of Elements earnings shown on the dashboard is November 8

Item-level reports (item performance) are still offline for now - I’ll let you know when these are back up again.

You can also track the status of the current outage here:


How is it going? Are you satisfied with your earnings in the first week?

Freezed again, showing yesterday stats

Report is updated ok.

@BenLeong when can we expect item performance to be back online?

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There are some more tests running at the moment, which should wrap up in the next few hours (overnight, Melbourne time) - our Data team is currently expecting to have the item-level dashboard reports back online tomorrow. I’ll post here to confirm when the item performance data is available again.


Performance tab is much needed feature, Winter months are the best earnings months for me, so i rely on performance tab to analyse the trends and make projects according to that, so please make it ASAP


Had seen your port! Wow! Congratulations on hard work and superb level! :slight_smile:

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Is the dashboard correct? Earnings from Nov 10 are quite scary, lowest I’ve ever seen

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I think yes - for me Nov 10 is an average day.
On other side, the 31.Oct was for me the worst day in probably last 2 years.


Is this Dashboard a joke? We spend time and effort here. Almost half as low. I hope this situation will be resolved and rectified as soon as possible!