Earnings question about Elements.

Hi everyone, I am writing in the Videohive forum because I am sure that some of you have also been approved on Elements to sell videos.

My question is simple, I would like to know how much Envato pays for each video downloaded, obviously a range between the maximum and the minimum.

I’m on Elements for photographs and more or less sales range from a few dollars to even just 1 cent.

For the footage is it better? The bonus should be bigger if I’m not mistaken.

Thanks to those who will answer me.

The bonus is a percentage increase on top of your earnings, so while you may get more earnings with different content, the actual percentage increase is the same for everyone… but can vary on a monthly basis depending on how many inactive subscribers there are.

Videos do have a higher points value than photos, so all things being equal (even though they rarely are), you would earn more with the same amount of videos as photos… but at the end of they day, the minimum and maximum amount per download is the same for everyone: $0.00 to $16.50