Earnings Poll

Do you feel that earnings are going down ?

If you agree please vote +1 else -1 or 0 if you think that sales count is the same

I will start by saying Envato - +1

Some months a +1, some a -1, overall… probably around a 0.

+1 for overall low sales.

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ok, so it looks like low sales is just a fake signal. Nothing changed!

+1 no sales this week, this happen to me for first time in 2017.

Edited: one minute after post this i got a sale :slight_smile:
But sill low sales this is nothing changes, compare to other weeks.

Edited: now two sales in how :thinking:
if one more happen i need to change my +1 to 0 :smile:

If I were you, I would keep reporting low sales :wink:


This is fake news. Sales are tremendous, believe me. Sales have never been bigger. That is the truth forever.

Seriously though, very bad sales this year.

You do realise you indicated that you don’t think earnings are going down, by choosing the -1 option? Just checking!

Just one thing to note: Just because a bunch of people have good sales and you don’t, doesn’t mean it’s fake news. And just because a bunch of people have bad sales and some don’t, doesn’t mean it’s fake news. There have been low sales threads for as long as the forums have been around, long before Elements and moving to America and taxes and VAT and so on and so forth. Each one predicting the end and that Envato will be out of business in a year or so.

None of them are lying (I assume) so I’m sure they are having low sales compared to the previous month. But one thing I always note (with some exceptions)… is that the people commenting in these threads seems to change most of the time. In that, one person has a really bad month, and then it’s not so bad, about the same or better the following month, so they don’t really have much need to comment in the low sales threads.

And the amount of people commenting in these threads per month is about ten to fifty people… out of a pool of tens of thousands of authors. It’s hard to draw any kind of meaningful conclusions with such a small data set. It could be said that seeing everyone in the low sales thread is having low sales… that’s indicative of something. But the people who are having good sales usually don’t seek out a low sales thread. They’ll be seeking out threads that are important and relevant to them, with a low sales thread not being one of them.

It’s also fair to say that the less sales somebody has, the more variance there will be in their figures from month to month. For example, if a McDonald’s in New York City doesn’t have a single customer for an entire day, then that’s statistically improbable. If an author who normally sells one item a week doesn’t sell anything for a fortnight, that’s not all that crazy.

Even when you dig a bit deeper into the people commenting in the low sales threads, it makes everything more complicated… one person having bad sales might be uploading new stuff every month, another might have not uploaded anything new in two years. There might be two people saying “the month is terrible, I’ve only had ten sales”… where one of them normally has 15 sales and the other one normally has 100.

I’m not saying that the people who comment in low sales threads are wrong. In my opinion, it’s more likely that average earnings per author are going down, while total earnings is on the up… than the other way around, but I have no way to be certain. That would be due to the amount of authors increasing without the customer spend increasing enough to keep everything constant. I don’t know if that’s true, but it would make sense. The only way I can see to get around that, other than making sure your items are the best of the best… is to upload an amount of new items every year that compensates for the reduced percentage split of overall revenues. That’s easy in the early days… upload 100 items in year one, uploading 100 items in year two will give your portfolio a 100% increase in size. 100 more items in year three is a 50% increase, 100 in year four and you’re down to 33% etc etc.

It’s just an inevitable eventuality that (with some minor exceptions) the longer you’ve been here, the harder it will be to maintain your earnings, let alone increase them.

But there you go… sharing is caring!

oops. I forgot a +

I agree. I was saying that the sales are ok because most of the authors are not commenting, so either they don’t care or they don’t want to talk about it. Either way there aren’t to many authors complaining about this, as you said just few.

My personal opinion is that ADP was a very big mistake(again, from author point of view) just as Envato Elements is