Earnings June

Hi! I was surprised to find that my June revenue was about 8, and I was looking for 350-400 before. What could be the reason for this? I regularly upload new photos. Thanks!

Hi! I have very low sales in the summer, too.

8 USD vs 350 USD, its very low :smiley: I did not receive Contributor Bonus. There are some changes in Bonus, I hope it is.

you are talking about Elements? And you look at June tab? It will be fully updated only in August - now you see Earnings only for first 5 days


Take a look at a Note bar, there is information about what you are looking at

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Does that mean I’m going to get that much in this month?

It means only that you’ve got that amount for first 5 days of June - It changes daily and tomorrow You will see another numbers for different days. Full June report with a bonus you will see somewhere around 6th of August

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More info here:

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Thank you! :wink:

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Hi I just wonder If anyone know how we as sellers at audiojungle can see which item a buyer buys?

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