Earnings from Placeit gone since January?

Hey there!

I’ve noticed I’ve never received any earnings from Placeit since January 2022.
In 2021 I’ve received even a small amount every month. Is anyone experienced the same?

Is there any new page where we can view our elements on Placeit?


Hi @rubenchase,

Please open a support ticket with Placeit via hi@placeit.net - that’s the most direct way of reaching the right team.


Thanks! I did it already.

I will post any solution they give to me :slight_smile:

EDIT: They said to me that they’re placeit support, and they don’t have any info regarding affiliate earnings. I’ve sent an email to affiliates@envato.com, hoping they could help me

Update: I still haven’t received any reply from Affiliates. Is anyone having the same issue?