Earnings After Taxes error

Hi. Just find strange error. When you select “after taxes” March 4 daily earnings just showing 0 instead of correct number.



It supposed to be up until 3rd today not 4th so it’s some kind of bug
And the numbers match for the 3rd


Yes, numbers were correct before March 4 data. Moreover, initial March 4 earnings were correct when daily data updated, but soon afterward it was updated, earnings raised a bit, bit “after taxes” error was introduced. This also drop the shadow on all systems of how Envato calculate earnings. I still think Envato need to show real numbers of how much time our assets downloaded


The same thing also.
Also, I would like to have more statistic from dashboard and how much cost one downloading click per item, but up for today its seems still a secret.

Same here. Hope they’ll fix this soon. I’m new to elements, I’ve noticed a dropes of sales in my videohive portal. I wonder if elements is worth it. And the lack of transparency is frustrating indeed.

Same here for me.