Earning Music Pack vs Single TRack

I’m confused here.

When I sell a single track for $19, I earn $15 minus author fee.

If I sell a 3 piece music pack for $28 I earn $16 minus author fee.

Thats only 1 Dollar more for a music pack.

Is this even close to be fair???

Buyer fee for a pack is $12 and then author fee. I have seen some really low selling prices on AJ for music packs.

So does it mean, when I’m willing to give our customers a good value on music packs, audiojungle is the only beneficiary?

Question again: is this a fair practice?

As with all categories you can check how much you earn when setting prices - some authors are happy for sales rather than reasonable revenue.

Why not put the price of the pack at $ 37?

That wouldn’t be much of a rebate neither competitive.

I made half of 37 packs and half packs 22 for sale