Each Codecanyon Product should have a paid feature request tab

The nature of script development being, I think each Codecanyon Product should have a paid feature request tab.

The time and resources to put in improving a script is critical. I have had buyers and non buyers saying I need this feature and I can pay. Why not put it officially. We can display the feature request at the front-end in a product tab like we have support tab. The author can comment on this and quote and approve a feature request. The feature added is available in product updates.

Paid support was a good idea already.

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Paid support was a good idea - the feature request on profiles would be a nightmare.

There is way too much opportunity for issues e.g. confusion, buyer not happy with changes, author not delivering work/updates and so on.

The resource and time involved in envato moderating these services would be astronomical and unrealistic and if they were not able to officially be involved then they would not be able to offer it up on their sites/pages.

This is precisely why envato studio only offers hand picked and restricted number of suppliers i.e. a manageable volume of those who have proven to be reliable, capable etc.

Beyond that I am sure there would be more issues with buyers who pay for an update that everyone else then gets for free.

There’s nothing stopping authors offering to help in the description, taking suggestions in comments and choosing to voluntarily update the item in their own time without commitment

I understand that no script marketplace currently implements it. It can also be a private area although. It has an opportunity for buyers to get a custom solution if author thinks it is a good idea and is happy with the offer. Author to have monetary encouragement. What is stopping an average author from not updating their products is - lack of time and resources.

May be allow a third part to administer the chaos - say a freelancing site :slight_smile: