e-soundtrax reach level 8 😎




I want to share this awesome achievement with the Envato community after almost 3 years working full time for audiojungle. Just want to said thanks to god, to my wife (who paid the bills for a long time :wink: ) to all my clients and to Envato for this great place for work and learn. Now I know that dreams can be true just with a little effort and believing that they can happen. Next goal: Power elite :sunglasses:

Big Thanks!!!


Awesome achievement @E-soundtrax! Congratulations :tada:


Congratulations! Great achievement! :slight_smile:


Congrats! :champagne: Good work! :+1:


Congratulations! :wink:
I totally disagree with your words about “little effort”. I think you worked really hard to achieve this badge!
Cheers! :slight_smile:


Very cool man! Congratulations!!! :gift: :smile:


Congrats, Awesome :slight_smile:


@E-soundtrax! Congratulations :tada:


Your music is so good. Congratulation.


Felicitaciones @E-soundtrax! Awesome achievement, congratulations; wish more sales and that Power Elite! :smiley:


Hard works will pay, amazing efforts you got there. Congrats!! :wink:


Thanks guys for your kind words!

Well, when you do what you love is not a hard work. But yes, Iˋm invest a lot of time for create my portfolio :+1:


Great work @E-soundtrax!! Congratulations! And good luck for Power Elite level! :confetti_ball:


Congratulations! @E-soundtrax :sparkles: :+1: Your portfolio is awesome!


Congrats :smiley: awesome achievement


very cool! Congrats! Wish you further success!


Congrats! Keep up the good work!


Congratulations, @E-Soundtrax! I distinctly remember hearing this brilliant track of yours on the featured section when I started on AJ - before it turned into the massive hit it’s become. You were a level 5 from memory. You’ve sure come a long way since then. :tada:

Kudos on reaching Level 8, and best of luck to you on your journey to Level 9. I’m sure it won’t be long with your music. :sunglasses:


Congratulation @E-soundtrax :tada: Good luck for more success :slight_smile:


Congratulations! Awesome achievement :slight_smile: :tada: