Dynamic/Live Updating Components - Feedback request


Hi Authors,

I was hoping to get your thoughts and ideas on some components I want to develop. I’m focussing on data, numbers, charts, tables, counters, tickers, widgets, that sort of thing. I want it to be easy for site owners to put that stuff into their sites, keep the information live and up to date, but also make it easy for their website users to extract, download and make use of that data. Some examples are daily product stock levels, fast moving price data, custom calculators (e.g., required litres of paint to cover a given amount of walls) etc.

My questions are:

  • do your customers have a need to publish numeric data on their sites?
  • is updating that type of data hard to do today? what other related problems are there?
  • how is it done right now?
  • what features do you think are needed the most?

Much appreciate your thoughts on this topic.