DWT Listing - Directory & Listing React Native App

Its now almost 2 week passed when you said I can see the new version. Whats up. I am waiting for this app to start a bunch of advertising. Please advise. I understand that its in testing. Can I test it? I beta test all the time for Google. I am feeling that you just don’t give a crap. This has been a horrible experience. Let me explain, first I get apps that don’t work. ( I waist 3 weeks trying to make it work.Than I have to pay more to have them fixed. When I get the fixed version it doesn’t work. Again another 2 weeks and I get apk. Missing most of the functions of the theme. From there we go back and forth for anther couple weeks. Than you guys update the app. (Great!! Cause it needed it) But now after months of waiting. When I ask about my apps I get you speaking to me as if I haven’t been through this for a long time and at the very least deserve an answer better than it in testing. Is there a time frame? Is it going to take a month or 2? Should I been looking into replacing my directory with something else? When I updated the theme it took my site down. So here I am invested into your products and now am having to think about switching a site that is currently in production because you can’t answer my question. You asked me before to give you guys a good rating?

This has been going on since [May 5, 2019 at 7:49pm]
Anyone else having problems.

This seems to be a ropa dope scam?