Duration of a Sound Pack Over 10 minutes? Allowed?

Hey guys! I’ve started today doing some new sound packs and just wanted to check something completely different (on AJ) and I’ve noticed that several sound packs are over 10 minutes in length. I’ve busted my ass off to go below 10 minutes in “total duration” of a sound pack and I just finished those packs (had to split in three packs something that was awesome for only one single pack) just to see that there are packs that are over 10 minutes in duration?

Anyone knows anything about this? Or is this a “non written/blind eye” kinda rule of some kind?


It seems that I didn’t read the guide that well. One item in the pack of max 50 items can be 10 minutes long… Stupid me. Thanks to @BCrutchfield for explanation and taking time to deal with me not paying attention. Enough said.

Lock. Or whatever is done with topics like this here.