Duplicated side menu (mobile)

Hello everybody, I’m experiencing some frustrating problem with the side menu of my website. I start saying that I’m using “Photography | Responsive Photography Theme” WordPress’ theme and I have two menus: primary and secondary. I’m using the primary for the desktop version of my website (horizontal bar at the top of the page) and the secondary (a bit different) for the mobile version (that pops up by tapping the three line symbol). Browsing with a mobile device I can see an ugly repetition of the menu, as you can see in the picture, that not only it’s ugly but also useless, from the moment is the same content but “expanded” and not organised in menus and sub-menus. Anybody has a solution to make it disappear? Thank you very much in advance.

Hey there, and welcome to the community forums! Unfortunately, this is not the best place to get an answer regarding a specific item, rather contacting the author. In your case I see you purchased the item from ThemeGoods, and you should ask them this question in their Item Comment Section.

Cheers! :slight_smile: