Duplicated post meta

I have posted a previous post with the issues but seems like no one have faced this issues with themeforest.
now i am posting again without any link in it so that community donot mark me as spam. I am not publicizing anything, just trying to find answer to my question.
My theme is soft rejected due to this reason “Duplicated post meta” Can anyone guide me what does this means? and how to fix this?
I have seen that when you import dummy wordpress “Theme_Unit_Test” data then it comes up with some duplicate post meta , so that is not theme related issues, but why is my theme rejected because of this issues “Duplicated post meta” is there anything i can do to stop theme from showing duplicated meta etc? @Gareth_Gillman if you can help me with this that would be great! Like last time you saved my life :slight_smile:

thanks guys and please do not mark this as spam guys, I am stuck in a issues here please help or tell me where should i look for proper help?

Asad Sajjad