Dude About The suscription

Hello, I’m thinking about getting a subscription in I’m writing (graphics, audios, videos, photos, 3d etc).
according to the small ad is $ 29 monthly, includes audios? It does not say it in the list … where can I see the offers?
In any case, how much does the monthly payment cost me with the totality of the products of envato? sorry for my English

The subscription, called Envato Elements, is a completely separate service from the marketplaces. There is no subscription to get access to marketplace items (you must buy each one individually), however some marketplace items may be available on Elements.

Elements does not have any audio. You can see what items are available from Envato Elements here:

(The price is $29 each month; you only need to pay annually if you want WordPress themes or plugins).

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But envato have suscription for resources including videos audios graphics etc?

Only the items you find on this page are available under the subscription: https://elements.envato.com/all-items

So currently, it has a limited selection of:

  • Photos
  • Graphics
  • Add-ons (for Photoshop, Illustrator, etc)
  • Fonts
  • Graphic Templates
  • Presentation Templates
  • Web Templates
  • CMS Templates
  • 3D models
  • WordPress plugins and themes (on annual plan only)

It does not include video or audio at this time.

Hope that clarifies it for you.