dubstep item rejected

Hello people My first rejection….some feedback?

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In my opinion of passer-by listener, better to divide it to two songs: separated dub one and dubstep one. Both are great in their genres but seem they don’t work as commercial background being mixed together.

ok thank you. So for you the problem is the structure not the sound, right?

For me the sound is ok. Very groovy.

I do not produce music tracks myself but being here for a while I see what is needed. Less of information stream (yours is way overcloggy, it’s more for personal listening in the car) and more of smooth static mood, to be usable as voiceover background. Avoid any suddenties and unpredictable changes (excepting some specific cases like screamer trailers etc…)

After great rising of classic dub to 1:06 then the wobble part sounds definitely like another song.

Great song itself by the way for me. Just maybe too overclogged with events for AJ.

ok…thank you for your feedback, you help me very much!

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