drupal support

Hi, I have purchased a theme from drupal but the author is too slow and big delay inreply what should ido

It depends on how long it has been, assuming that the item is supported and it’s been a significant amount of time then you can contact envato.

What is the item? When/how did you try and contact them?

I have purchased 12 month support, and they have author account available to connect them. It has been 1 week since we have purchased the product but he is not replying to install the theme. When he even send a reply its very short and not telling something straight forward. I have manager that follow up have no response to them. Can someone help to get a clear guide about installation of Drupal premium theme from themeforest. Im really bordered .

You can talk to Envato themselves, however, please be aware that (while most authors will of course help) installation is not typically covered by support

I got this screen, still response

I would guess that this is to do with you trying to install it locally, but it’s really a question for the author. If they are not replying then send envato a ticket using the link above