Drupal Admin Theme


Hi, I have searched here on the forums and in the guidelines as well, but with no success. The thing is I found only guidelines for Drupal Commerce theme, but no info about “usual” Drupal Theme or themes that are specifically designed to use in Drupal Admin area.

Since I have not found any Drupal admin themes available for purchase I’d like to know if it’s allowed to submit a Drupal Admin theme (or more precisely Drupal Admin Panel with some extra functionality driven by custom modules specifically crafted for this theme).

Thank you for any answers and details regarding this topic.



Hi Tom,

As long as you are creating the item yourself I cannot see any issues with giving it a go! Good luck. :slight_smile:


Hi Carmen,

I am looking for a Drupal theme with features that I only find here in themes listed as “admin themes”. How do I find out if these “admin themes” will work for a D7 site?

Thanks in advance for your help,




why you need an admin for drupal theme here.

*if you are using d7 you can use seven(default) as admin, this is great theme for backend.

and alot of great modules at http://drupal.org/project

Enjoy (y)