Drum Logo. Need advice. Please.

Hi to all!
I have created new Drum Logo.
Listen it and if you can, tell me something about it. May be I shoul to work more for this logo.
Thank you!

Isn’t this the same as your previous posting in the forum? This may be considered selfpromotion and consequently subject to links being removed.

My previous comment still stands, @RedOctopus has nailed this area and this sounds to me as a copy-cat track.

Sorry, but I apparently did not understand the words “nailed this area” what do they mean? this rhythm cannot be used because it has already been used. (I disagree,but if you think so, then I’ll think about it ), or should I keep listening to @redOctopus until I get the same sound quality ?
Anyway, thank you for your advice!

Your logo(s) are very similar as they use the same instrumentation and same arrangements that sounds as though you used a template to create them. This of course is not wrong although I would have submitted 1 track with several variations.
Listening to other authors is fine however copying them both in style and arrangement is not. I am not suggesting that your work is copying however @RedOctopus has defined this sound with others trying to emulate it. His original sound and arrangements are fantastic and it is a little bit sad that others are trying to use his unique sound and hard work to make their own tracks rather than creating their own.


Thanks for your detailed answer. perhaps, without him, I would have settled on this result. should be something to start with) sorry if my English is bad.

You have nothing to apologise for, your English is just fine.

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