Drum&Bass Hard Rejected


I’m not professional producer or musician, so I hope I don’t put a shame on myself now.
I made a song, and I think it’s not bad, especialy when there aren’t so many DnB tracks, I think it could be approved. But here I’m, asking for advices and opinions what is wrong, it’s bad or just subtle mistake?(I read somewhere on this forum that somebody song was rejected because clap was a bit distorted or something like that)

So, here is the link, please check it out and gimme some criticisim.

Piano is very good , but is guitar is not commer. sound)

Nice chords but lack of FX, try to give buildup effect such swoosh noise and cymbals. Maybe some more reverb will be nice too for the instruments :sunny:

totally agree with @FASSounds and in my opinion you need to layer more this track ! maybe add a synth to go along with the piano ! oh and piano is too loud !

Thank You very much people!