Dropshipping Shopping Cart plugin (something like Woocommerce Multi Carts per User)

Hi all!

I’m building a dropship supplier website of sorts, and I’m wondering if there was any solution for the below situation.

  • Customer creates multiple Carts, each with different shipping address
  • Customer is on product page
  • from product page, instead of a simple “add to cart”, customer can specify which cart they can add to
  • At checkout stage, they can choose to pay for all Carts in one transaction, or tick which carts they want to pay for in each transaction.

Ideally, a Woocommerce plugin of sorts would be perfect as I’m not a coder.
Is there something like this?


There is no plugin for that. You will need to have custom change for that. I don’t see any purpose for that I will buy 10 items for 10 different addresses and when I go on checkout I will pay only for 3 address?? Why I will put 10 items if I don’t want to pay all of them.

I thought that might be the case, closest I can find is to implement a hybrid of the aforementioned plugin with Multiple Shipping Addresses developed by Woocommerce itself.

As for scenarios where this might be necessary; there would be two - there may need to be different payment methods, or the items in the cart could be an incomplete order with more products to come in; like when certain items are out of stock etc.

Ok but by default in Woocommerce you cant pay 2 items with 2 different gateway on same time. You need to make that twice.