Dropdown in Visual Composer block not closing on mobile (newspaper theme)

Using the newspaper theme in Wordpress.
When opening the dropdown menu of tags (next to a Visual Composer block title), and clicking on a tag to filter posts within that block, on the frontend, then the dropdown do not close when using a cellphone.

Is this a newspaper theme issue, or is it something else?
Any suggestions on how to make the dropdown close after clicking a tag in the dropdown (when using cellphones)?

I see that when clicking the dropdown when using a device with a mouse pointer, then the dropdown is not hidden before I move the mousepointer outside the dropdown. Could it be that when I’m using a cell phone, then there is no mouspointer that can be moved outside the dropdown boundaries, and that because noe detection of a mousepointer leaving the dropdown - makes it stay put when using a cell phone.

I also notice that as soon as I click (tap) outside the dropdown, when using a cell phone, then the dropdown is closed. But I want dropdown to close immediately after a tag in the dropdown is clicked.

Best to head over here for support: https://themeforest.net/item/newspaper/5489609/support