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Howdy. Can anyone help me find plugin or solution how to create so called drop down content menu what i can yeasily put on the page. Perhaps you can call that drop down list or ie. Anyway idea is show many different content by using this way…

If need more info pls send me pw


Thanks for asking your question at Envato forum.

take a look on this page hope you will find your chosen dropdown menu


Sorry not need menu, need content menu which i can input on the page

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or drop down content select

you can try here spend sometime to find your chosen product

i have been looking and havent find it, i have see this same option on some sites. If someone can help or build it i really appreciated

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Hi @janntaur

Good day to you! If you can provide a wireframe or screenshot of what you’re looking for that would be helpful. Here are some items below that might help which might match your criteria content page that you can put on a page with dropdown content select.