Drfuri - Martfury theme - Troubles with thumbnails on product page


I bought the theme in 2022. I never had any problem with it.

Since a few weeks (after a theme update), the thumbnails on product page are not showing anymore (except if you are in admin mode in elementor).

I tried to contact Dr Furi support but impossible to write a message on the platform because my theme isn’t supported anymore (I was asked to pay 45$ for having support).

The least would be to have an email or at least the possibility to contact a support.

Can anyone help me?

Thank you

The item support is being provided by the item author and if you don’t have the active “support period”, only thing you could do is re-install the backup if you have any.

As this is a job, I don’t think anyone would be providing any “free” support for the items you have purchased from someone else but you don’t want to pay for the “support”

Personally, if you are a theme provider and one buyer didn’t need any support after 2 years and need help one day, you have to help him.

This is as simple as that: you provide a service, the service doesn’t work, the buyer never use the paid support (I paid for 1 year), you have to at least answer him and provide him some help.

Not really. Noone in the world is offering a life-time support for any product. The item support is for only 6 months. ( as default )

This is not a question of life-time support, this is a question of customer service and loyalty.

I help my clients easily and without asking anything when there are some minimum corrections or requests event when the bill has been paid.

Not doing that is showing disrespect for me.

It’s two years already and you’re probably charging more than ~49$. Anyway, your options are:

  • Fix it by yourself
  • Hire a freelancer
  • Pay the support fee and ask the questions to the item author and get the support from them and request an update if it’s necessarily

I find your messages really harsh: I am happy of never having met someone like you in my professional life.

I managed to fix the problem.

It’s about respecting the author’s time, especially after 2 years if you’re looking for a free support, I should consider myself lucky as well that I don’t have any clients like you - the first thing what my clients asking is how much it would cost to get the job done and no one is expecting to get the job done for free and yet everyone is happy.

That was the first choice I have offered :slight_smile: