Dreamweaver and templates

I’m thinking about purchasing the Be them package but I’m not sure how to edit it.
Can I use Dreamweaver to make my changes?
Thanks for not laughing too loudly

I have the same question…

It depends what you mean by “edit” and if you mean the HTML version or WP theme?

Either way you can edit the code in Dreamweaver but you would need to know exactly what you are doing (and if you do then would probably not be considering Dreamweaver!).

If it’s the HTML version then any text editor will do, if it’s the WP version then you can make edits to the text, images, layout etc using WP CMS so no need to change the code.

If for some reason you really need to modify the source code of the WP theme then in theory you could use Dreamweaver BUT that is quite a big and complex theme and modifying the core components is not a basic job and not some thing for beginners to attempt.

Thanks for the educated response. I know enough HTML to be dangerous.

I’m using the HTML versions and I see what you mean about making deep core changes.
I’m also confused about the revolution slider being used in a HTML document because the documentation I found only is for word press. I simply want to change the images and have them show at actual size instead of the zoomed in look.