Draw my signature on my site plugin




Does anyone know of a plugin for wordpress that would show my signature drawing onto the page?



Do you want it beneath like a background on on a section of the site



We’ve basically written a block of text. A letter to our audience basically and we wanted to sign it. If possible I would also like to use this technique as part of a text section. Here are two examples below.

In both examples it seems like the draw on part of this can be sectioned off as a text or image or whatever other type of section it needed to be but just not sure how to accomplish this. Seems like there would be some sort of plug in that would do this but so far no such finding one.

Thanks for jumping in on this.

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Is that not just an image of your signature with a text before or to the right of it

Am I missing something you are trying to acheive that’s more than that?


Yeah, can’t you just add an image of your signature below your text? WordPress has built-in functionality for adding images to your pages and posts.


I would like the handwritten text to draw itself on as if you are watching it written on the page. Not just a static image of the handwritten text.

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Oh, I see. You want the signature to be animated as if it was being drawn on the screen - got it.

Check this out, I don’t know if it will work for you but it sounds similar: https://codecanyon.net/item/responsive-svg-handwritting-text-animation-wordpress-plugin/6800392


Interesting, if I can find a way to get my own handwriting into a font I may be able to do something with this. Anyone else have any other suggestions if this path doesn’t work?

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