Drag & Drop Website Builder Item.



I recall a specific item in themeforest or codecanyon – a Drag & Drop Website builder, but not only that but allowing people to register and pay per website, etc. I remember it cost somewhere near 63$ with a flat yellowish design. Wasn’t able to find it… Any assistance with tracking it down, would be greatly appreciated.

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There’s a few scripts that do this on CodeCanyon.

Bear in mind that the output is very basic and not anywhere close to the premium website builder tools online, and to use that ‘charge per site’ model you would need an extended license which is going to be a lot more than $63


It wasn’t for re-selling sorry. It was with multiple websites. I can save like 10 website that I built with the builder. It had login & register system, and each user was able to build their website with a drag & drop builder.