Drag and drop editor like Unbounce?



Hi Guys

I was wondering if anyone knew of a plugin or theme that enables you to edit a wordpress page from the front end with almost a grid like set up so that you can place elements anywhere and even ontop of each other- Like Unbounce or instapage does in the video without it being hosted on their platform only? https://youtu.be/EIt3_qhQQe4


Visual Composer :slight_smile:


Live Composer :smiley:


Thanks for the responses guys!

From what I can see both of those options only allow you to add things in blocks whereas unbounce gives you the ability to drag and drop elements anywhere on the page like a word doc so you can layer things ontop of each other.

It almost looks like instead of using blocks they use coordinates which means you have full control of the page. Looking for something exactly like in the video I showed: https://youtu.be/EIt3_qhQQe4