Dpi for graphic river

Does 150 DPI with rgb color logo accept for graphic river ?

Only vectors for the logo category. 300 DPI / CMYK is the standard for printing but for logo, you need to upload vector format.

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You did not understand ! I said
I uploaded a logo on graphicriver, provided EPS with 150 DPI and rgb color mode ,
Will it be accepted

If your EPS contains only vectors it’s ok but it needs to be CMYK.

It means EPS with rgb 150 DPI are not accepted , but one question I also check some Logo template on graphicriver they provided rgb ,
So what s that ,

I used and provide font link from 1001 fonts ,
Did they accept this sites for fonts

You can include in the download package an RGB version also but the CMYK file it’s mandatory.

Ok now , I found answer ,