Downloads page: How to make distinction between same products / different license number


On my downloads page, how can I make a distinction between several identical products with dissimilar license numbers. They are all called “Product X”. But when I need to find the one I used for a specific site, I can’t see the difference. I remember when I used Expression Engine, I could make notes so I could see to which site a certain download belonged.

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Obviously you already know that you can click the downwards arrow beside the word ‘Download’ which will show you the different licence codes. I suppose the point would be if you have purchased say for example 3 licences, then there should be 3 websites you can install this software on :wink:

For future reference, I would suggest to create a README.txt file on each specific site, and then copy and paste the licence code onto that file. DONT UPLOAD THE FILE but if it is stored locally within the website directory, then at least you know which product belongs to which site.


Thank you for your reply and suggestion. The answer is apparently that there is no way to make a distinction within Themeforest between identical products. That is what I wanted to find out. Cheers!