Downloads not working

At the moment, downloads not functioning.
purhased files linked to:


I have the same problem. I used different browsers, checked the internetconnection many many times… i really don’t know what to do. ): ): ): Is there anybody that can help?

It happened to my purchase too!

I have submitted a help ticket but no one reply. Help!! :sob:

error: refused to connect

Same here :weary:

Same error. Anyone know a work around?

None of the download links are working now. Any ideas anyone ?

There seems to be internet issues with Amazon happening for many sites right now. Devs are investigating and monitoring. Thanks!

AWS is down across the country. I have a feeling its that

The old download tool does not work (old upload tool.). Constantly gives the error: Please review the following issues that occurred
• Preview Image is required
• Preview Image must be 1920x1080px or 2560x1440px.
Please correct Sincerely Mr-Mic2