downloads have disappeared

hello here is my problem and I still have no response from the support it has been a few months since I have a monthly subscription and today on the page my account my favorites my downloads have disappeared why?
I can’t even download anymore because I have to subscribe, I won’t pay twice! I paid on December 27.
cordially from france


Helpful article about item downloading problem

Open a Envato Elements Help Ticket they would like to assist you.


thank you for responding quickly but it’s already done :slightly_smiling_face:

I wasn’t aware that you could download envato elements files post subscription like with items from the main marketplaces?

As there is no support or updates for elements items, and because buyers need to be subscribed when completing their project, it would be counter intuitive to allow future downloads post subscription?

In terms of items actually disappearing this could be that authors come and go on elements more than with the main marketplaces so the item could well have been removed (as happens also on the main marketplaces from time to time).

no I do not think about the authors because there is nothing left at all the favorites downloads my projects … nothing left my account and became empty my subscription also that I have already paid thank you for the answer

And you are sure you are logged in with the right account?

yes no problem

hi my ticket number is (removed by mod) thanks

resolved thx

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@scrati38290 What was the issue?