Downloads are not available any more

Last month I bought a prestashop module on codecanyon from a seller from whom I have bought a number of modules during the last years. Therefor I know that the seller is reliable and the items of good quality.Today I noticed that the seller and his items have been vanished. The downloads are not available any more. The name of the seller is [Removed]. Does anybody know the reason behind? Thanks …

Hello @bluecafe

Welcome to the forums! Any item can be removed from the marketplace at any time. For this reason you will see this notice on your downloads area

The author may have decided to permanently delete the item from Envato Market.

The items on Envato Market are not created by Envato. They are created by designers, developers and creatives from all over the globe.


Thanks for your reply. I know all this. But envato knows if downloads are not available because the author decided to delete an item or if it is because envato decided to ban the seller. I think buyers should know the reason.

Because of various reasons esp around privacy and the fact that Envato don’t own item copyrights, I imagine that this would not be possible just in the same way that Envato probably don’t know the reason why an author may choose to remove their item.

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It was not the author who removed the items but it was envato who excluded the seller. This is now the second time I experienced this and this time I have bought 4 items from this very reliable seller. I have contacted the seller and he said he was working with themeforest to be reinstated again. It would be nice if the buyers would be informed if a seller is being kicked off for what reason ever. Obviously there have been some cases when sellers have connections to “restricted” countries. It is annoying if a peaceful marektplace is becoming a place of cold war. Not sure if this is the reason here. In any case it would be more than fair to inform the buyer to avoid speculations.

I’m sure there’s no desire from Envato to start some kind of cold war, but unfortunately, they must abide by the rules of the countries in which they operate, which include embargoes against certain countries.