Downloading video that has sound but no sound when download

I am downloading a tykcartoon video and no sound is downloading on any of those. Please help. Thank you.

Audio is rarely included in VideoHive content, and visiting @tykcartoon’s portfolio, there’s seems to be a disclaimer on most items that audio isn’t included… with a link to where you can purchase the audio.

However, the descriptive text on VideoHive explaining that, isn’t ported over to the Elements version of the item unfortunately. I’d take that up with support if you’d like, but in the meantime, you can find tykcartoon’s portfolio on VH here, so you can find a link to purchase the audio if required…

Regardless, Video template authors have to properly credit the music anyway! Not doing so is a breach of Envato’s terms, a slap in the face of the music author and a lack of respect for buyers.

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Templates… yes. Not motion graphics or stock footage though, because you can’t.

Interesting… and unacceptable. What’s the rationale behind having a different process for stock footage and motion graphics? And does this prevent authors from properly crediting the music in the text description of their Elements items?

No idea unfortunately. But yeah, unless stock footage or motion graphics items leave out audio altogether, they add the credit as a visual element in their preview video, or there’s some feature that I’m missing… proper attribution can’t be provided.

Thank you, I thought there had to be an audio reference somewhere. I never would have figured out to look at video hive. Thanks to everyone who responded!!