Downloading the zip files for the shopkeeper theme

Hi there! I yesterday purchased the shopkeeper theme for Wordpress and downloaded the zip files. According to a tutorial (how to create an ecommerce website with Wordpress) after unzipping the file I am supposed to get the following files: Demo content, license, licensing, premium plugs, theme files.
I do not get those files but instead: about 40 php files, css, images, inc. js, languages, scss, settings, woocommerce.
Therefore I am unable to download the shopkeeper theme into my wordpress theme files.
Please advise!
Tx, Michael


There are two possible zip files you can download. One contains just the WordPress files and the other contains all the documentation as well. Just check your Download area again and select All files & documentation


Tx! As instructed according to the tutorial I yesterday downloaded ‘All
files & documentation’ (this has always been the case …)

Hello Mike,

This is Adrian from GetBowtied. I just ran into this thread. We’re happy to help if you’re still experiencing issues with Shopkeeper or if you have any other questions as you move further with your work. You can always get in touch with our support team via the theme’s help center: