Downloading my items from the "Hidden" tab in my profile?

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TLDR: Is there anyway to download your “Hidden” (or soft-rejected) items from VideoHive?

Long time no see. So what happened? I recently got two of my older more successful items re-reviewed and soft-rejected because they both contain “adult content” as per Envato their opinion. In both I use a video preview of a lady dancing in a club and it happens that her choice of clothing might have been a bit too revealing for Envato’s new acceptable use policy.

While I understand that this has to be changed for both items, I set out to do that today. Meanwhile I intended to update the item a bit since some users have been experiencing troubles working with it in After Effects CC2018 (it’s a template). I can however only find older versions of this item on my computer. The latest version is actually uploaded on VideoHive. However under the “Hidden” tab in my account I can see the items but I am not able to download them. Under the “Portfolio” tab there is a download button/link but under the “Hidden” tab there isn’t.

Is there anyway to download your “Hidden” items from VideoHive? Thanks!

There is one thing you can try:

Take one downloadlink of one of your existing items, it should look something like this:[ITEMID]

You see, at the end there, is the item ID.
Now replace the item ID with the one from the soft rejected item in the hidden tab. You should be able to see the item ID of your soft rejected item in it’s URL, just as you can see it on approved items.

Let me know if that works.


Yes it works! Thanks Tobi! You just saved me a lot of trouble and time.

Have a great rest of your day. :slight_smile:

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