Downloading audio WITH video

Some videos, like the pink tunnel one that is like a Video DJ type video, have music you hear play when previewing them online. Then you download them and get the video only not the audio as well as heard online? why? and how can I get the audio clip that was on the video online? Not all videos have audio online leading me to believe the few that do come with the audio when downloading them and that is not the case…

How can I get the audio files for these videos? I am a paid member btw

Perfect example - no audio listed I have no idea what audio was used :frowning: and good luck finding something so specific as the one used. Should I contact the author of the video or?

This item from @studio_21 get in touch with him he will help you to provide audio

Hello! I will get back asap with details once I get to my office. I’m in a trip now. Cheers!

No worries, thanks and enjoy your trip :slight_smile: