Downloading an Update of Themeforest Travelista Theme


Just received notification there’s an update for my theme, but when I got to Downloads area it basically says ‘download’ and appears as though I am downloading the entire theme from new and not an update. Am I missing the ‘update’ button somewhere?


If you hit the download button then you get the full theme as before but it will be the updated version which you can then use


Got it. Thanks. Another question, I find that my site doesn’t load on my Iphone at all. It keeps reloading, then gives me an error and stops. As well, on my Ipad mini, when I have it in vertical mode, none of my menus show up. They only show up with it’s horizontal. Any ideas? Thanks. Maureen


That’s a question for the theme author as it could be many things


Ok. Should I direct that to an author’s forum, then?

Apologies for all the stupid questions. I downloaded the newest file which has the same name as the other, but don’t remember how to upload this to Wordpress so it’s recognized. Thx.


Am I supposed to re-upload it from Appearance, Themes, Install and find the new zip from that file?


Yup in their forum is right. You can look above the main image on the item page and there’s 3 tabs one of which says “support” and explains the process.

Here they will be able to look into the iPad and mobile thing as well as guide on updates hopefully.