downloaded preview, not wanted to purchase - author deleted the song

Why would an artist delete songs out of his portfolio ?

Is there any way to purchase the song or contact the author?

Name of preview:

I used it for a client project and need the license! :confused:

I think you are looking for this -

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I apologize, had the link wrong… (purchased that one already few months back)

Updated my post with the correct one.

Hi @McCloud94 . Apparently, this track was deleted

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yea, I wasn’t aware of the fact that tracks can (and are) be deleted…

I guess I have to purchase straight away next time…

Thanks anyway @CleanMagicAudio
Is there a convenient way to search for songs ? How did you find this one ?

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If you know the name of the track and the number, then you can open any track and replace them (red and blue respectively ). I singled out. Without touching the symbols “/”

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Yes, you can contact the author through his profile page