Downloaded Premiere Pro Templates NONE OF THEM WORK

I bought an Evanto Elements subscription to download some Premiere Pro templates…it’s an expense I’ve made…it’s a costly financial effort on my part…and unfortunately none of them work

i have downloaded 6 or 7 templates and none of them works in Premiere Pro 2022 (updated)…on the contrary free templates from other sites like MIXKIT and MOTIONARRAY all work without any problem

I don’t know if it’s a configuration problem that I have to do with the event templates in premiere pro or what the problem could be… if it were only with an event template I would understand that it could be a problem with my premiere… but it only happens with the evantos templates… with all the other templates it works perfectly without problem

Is it a premiere pro project file or a Motion graphic template?
each one has a different method to open.
BTW in other websites you will find “premiere pro projects” and “motion graphic templates” in different categories but in envato elements both are in the same category.