I can not download a project , you have the same thing ?


Do you mean you cannot download an item which you’ve purchased from marketplaces or your own item? I’ve tried to download one of the items which I’ve purchased recently and it’s working fine here…

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Hey @FirstFrame24 !

Hmm, that’s odd! We aren’t aware of any download issues at the moment, and I’ve just been able to successfully download your most recent purchase.

Can you let me know what happens when you try downloading? Are you seeing any error messages at all?

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No, my project was soft rejected, after correcting decided to download it again, but the project is not loaded

Also found that the download of the new project also had problems , can not be loaded

Hi again Artem,

Can I ask which submission you’re referring to? Is it the ‘Coffee’ project? If so it doesn’t look like you’ve submitted an update to this since the Soft Rejection.


Yes, this project is coffee, also I try to load a new project, the same is not loaded

I reloaded the project of coffee? or it is rejected?

Why can not I use the boot loader?


As far as I know, we are not able to download our soft rejected items…



Why not? I corrected the error and try to load it again, but it does not work, why?


If I’ve got the point properly, you want to download your item which is soft-rejected. It’s not working because a soft rejected item should be improve by the author then author will be able to re-submit it. In this case you have the item on your own system and you don’t need to download it from MarketPlace.

By the way, if you’ve lost the item on your own system, you may open a ticket and ask support to send you the file if it’s available somewhere…

I hope that helps.

thanks for the answer )

because this is not done here … they just consider that this is not uploaded and approved and thus should not be stored in the site , which make sense … but sorry to ask, why do u need to do this? u don’t have it on your computer any more? if so, that’s a mistake as not only u should keep until this is approved, but, in addition, u should have a backup somewhere to make sure that u do not lose your work

You actually CAN download soft-rejected items. If there isn’t a button, it doesn’t mean you can’t download them. Go to the URL of the soft-rejected item, take the ID from the URL(the last number in the URL) and open this URL manually USERNAME/download_own_source_files/YOUR ID

of course, replace YOUR USERNAME and YOUR ID with yours


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We have some coffee shop icon sketches .

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