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We uploaded the theme 12 Jule 17 and came the answer:

  1. Theme is broken upon activation -
    . I would like to receive more complete information of this item,because some points are not clear! If I understand correctly, that this problem arises right away at activation of a theme,before activation of plug-ins?
    The documentation specifies the steps to activate and configure the theme! For correct operation it is necessary to activate the necessary plug-ins. Without these plugins,the main theme functionality is not available.
    For the activation of plugins all necessary conditions are fulfilled,that it would be quick and easy to activate!

Hi @WAlphabet,

Welcome to the forums! What theme do you have problems with?

EDIT: My bad, I also thought you are a buyer… :slight_smile:


What PHP version are you running ?

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I tought you are a buyer, sorry.
Okay, then you will need to make theme work without plugin (at least simply display posts, not crash). Themes are required to work without plugins too.
Plugins required by theme are used as an extension for the theme.
You will need to create some fallbacks and defaults, for cases when plugins are not activated.