Download the same audio as the composition

Again, it’s not optional, it’s mandatory. A point you seem to have difficulties to grasp.

The terms are clear on that matter, and a mere indication in the upload form does not invalidate them.

I’m not going to argue with you. Good luck!

@Masteroff I’m sorry to jump in here, but @PurpleFog is right.

  1. Maybe you misunderstood the meaning of the word optional below the field “Text description”. This text description is optional, as long as you’re not using items from other authors (like composers) to present your work. Then it is mandatory to fill this field. If you decide not to use this field for your own item description - it’s fine. But the minimun information is then the credits to the author, which item you used for your presentation. And this is mandatory.
  2. We all want to play fair here. And I find it a sad thing, that @PurpleFog needs to point out multiple times to you, that you need to correct this mistake. Mistakes happen. But the sad fact, that other authors are also not credit the use of foreign material does not mean, that it is okay and should not be commented.

Please play fair here, also for the future, okay?