Download the same audio as the composition

How do I download the same audio used in a song this one?

@MichaelCarev crediting the music you’ve used in your template is mandatory, even on Elements!! Please amend.

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I added links to audio files, see description


By the way, the same goes for all your other items! Music is to be credited anytime you use it in your templates.

Please show the rules article where this is stated!

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What’s with this tone? You want me to fetch the terms for you?! Who do you take me for?

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You are too categorical! Chances are, you are asking for what is desirable but not required. Hence my question.

When loading a project, the composition ID is indicated. According to the idea, this should be displayed here as well. This is not the case, the problem of the elements.

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Of course it is required, and it’s not just wishful thinking on my part.

Now, your inability to perform a basic quick search is no excuse for breaking the rules.

Even without having the rules printed before your eyes, it should be a no-brainer, that of course you have to credit the author whose music you use. The fact that to you this concept seems so far fetched that you’d rather antagonize a fellow author and insinuate he’s lying, than to check what the rules actually are, is very telling of the disregard you have for us music authors. This is not okay.

In Elements the description is automatically created by Envato, so author cant edit it. And there is no a way to put a link. I think.

You are drawing strange conclusions about me. Just a link was enough!

Have a look at my screenshot above. There are authors who do it right, so it is possible… and required.

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In audio you cant edit the description so i thought was the same for the rest.
Thanks for update me.

Two weeks have gone by, and though you now know it is indeed mandatory and I showed you how to do it, none of your templates credit the music.

Can’t help but draw strange conclusions again.

Don’t be so worried about me. I’ll do it when it’s convenient for me, not for you!

чт, 13 янв. 2022 г. в 21:27, PurpleFog via Envato Forums <>:

In the meantime, you are in violation of Envato’s terms.

You’re wrong!

I’m not wrong. Have a look at my previous screenshot. Read the first sentences, about the requirements for using AJ music.

Even though it’s optional, I’ll do it! It also works for me as a plus (I’m talking about additional information for the project). But in this case, everyone decides for himself when to do it.