Download the latest version of a plugin, programatically

I need a reliable way to obtain a link to download the ZIP file of plugins that I’ve purchased from CodeCanyon (and themes from ThemeForest) – so that I can download them from curl, for my continuous integration setup

Use the Envato API.

i dont think that will be possible im maybe wrong but this would open door for illegal site sharing and i do not think allowing people to download their purchased files via curl without been on the site is a secure way to protect authors copyrights if it was me honestly i will never make it possible

It is possible… and I put the link above…

And no, it wouldn’t be any security trouble. You can use CURL and have your own download system within 20 minutes, without any API whatsoever. There’s no way to stop it, because CURL can easily pretend to be a normal user/browser simply downloading an item.