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Can i download any plugins or themes after subscribing individual plan?


You can download all of plugins from envato elementsPlugins
But you can download anything from codecanyone

hope you understand.

Just to correct @unlockdesign typo, you CAN’T download stuff from CodeCanyon/ThemeForest etc. with the subscription. All items on those marketplaces has to be purchased individually.

Can i download this after purchasing individual plan?

Again, Envato Elements does NOT allow you to download stuff from CodeCanyon. You can download only items specifically listed on the Elements page:

If that plugin is not listed there, your only option would be to purchase it from CodeCanyon.

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Can you please provide the list of themes that can be downloaded with the plan?

All WP themes, plugins and kits that are on elements are here

Remember you do not get any support or updates with Elements downloads in the way that you do on Themeforest.

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Thank you for your response