Download page blank, can't get licenses

Just signed up with Envato Elements. Although I’ve downloaded several things for my projects already, when I go to the “downloads” page, it shows “you haven’t downloaded anything.” I’m definitely logged in, and I was definitely logged in while downloading.

Is there a big lag between downloading something and having it show on this page? How can I get my downloads to show up? If I understand correctly, I need to use this page to register things to a particular project for a license. (I see that you can also do it during the download, but some of my downloads are speculative, and also that doesn’t let me confirm that it has been done.)

Thanks for any help!

Elements items don’t come with support or updates so they do not go into your downloads page like purchases from the main marketplaces do.

There is a separate downloads page on elements but that’s just a list unlike on the main marketplaces where you have the item files, docs etc.

You can download copy without assigning it to a project then when you have the project decided just download a new copy for that.

FYI you can’t stockpile items - you have to be actively subscribed when completing any project using elements items


Visit your envato elements downloads and you will see the list there.


Thanks, but that is the page that is coming up blank for me.

have you downloaded any item from envato elements and registered the item under a project. you can try for a new item to check it is working for you or not. Thanks

I’m looking at this downloads page:

It still just says, “You haven’t downloaded anything.” I guess I can re-download later just so I can assign it to a project, but that’s a bit unwieldy and doesn’t give me any confirmation that I have a license for a given asset.

Yes, I assigned one item to a project during download. Pressing the download button on an asset now does show that project under “recent projects.” I would really like to have all of this available on the downloads page, though, so I can keep track of what I need to or already have registered. That page is supposed to do that, right?

yes the download page should listed all of your download. hope from now all your download item(s) will be listed there. if you are very much concerned about previous downloaded you can contact Elements Support. Elements Support Team will be happy to help.


Thanks, I’ll keep an eye on it and contact them if it remains blank.

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