download not available taxseco

Good morning.
4 months ago I bought the TAXSECO template, after I bought it it disappeared from your website.
You are supposed to buy 6 months of assistance from the author and since the template has disappeared, we don’t have it.
We have a problem of incompatibility with the pluggin FORMIDABLE PRO, and advice and solution for this incompatibility.

Thank you, and we look forward to a prompt response.

If the author is not answering then you should talk to support Envato Market Help and Support

We have already been to support help and have not found the solution.

This is tricky. Theme author could claim it’s plugin, the plugin author could claim it’s the theme.
Just use the default theme and check if the issue persists. If it does, contact the plugin author.
If it doesn’t, it’s theme issue but there’s no guarantee for the 3rd party plugins would work with the theme and the support doesn’t come with solutions for these issues. You may need to find a freelancer to get your issue fixed, in this case.