Download limits for unlimited downloads?

what you wrote is inexcusable: transparency is not a benefit.

As was explained by @baileyherbert it’s not as simple as just stating unlimited or restrictions etc.

It’s hardly unusual for websites not list exact details of their terms in plain sight, and fair use exists in most competitor or similar marketplaces offering ‘unlimited’ downloads.

Unfortunately, it does not change the fact that no one can accept T&Cs for anything then reinterpret them to suit their own opinion.

What is the Trusted Shops website?

This is Trusted Shops:
“With the combination of Trustmark, Buyer Protection and authentic feedback, we ensure real security in the digital world and more success for businesses. And with our eTrusted Experience Feedback Platform, we create valuable insights for businesses and organisations of all sizes.”

Ok, wanted to share my story regarding this topic. I also received this message. I have subscribed to Envato for many years. At some point I went to create a map for a personal spreadsheet project… this was for personal use … So I downloaded a bunch of items to place on my pictures and maps. I was trying to create a visual for a trip I was going on this past summer.

I am semi retired so all of my stuff is for personal use… occasionally I show my work… (in this case to my fellow traveling companions…the spreadsheet with the maps), but they had no interest in a copy of my work… it was only to help us with planning and organizing our trip. It is more or less a hobby of mine.

For my project, I was trying to get the right angles of the item in pixlesquid 360 … as I wasn’t sure which perspectives of the items would fit and/or work out. I do own a lot of 3d content and can also accomplish this task through using my 3D software and rendering those. My 3D software does a great job of creating 3D png items with shadows. I thought I could save some time by downloading the angles from Envato…thus, I just found Envato faster and more convenient.

Ok that all said, I contacted Envato and let them know what my intentions were, after receiving this message, and they came back and stated I didn’t have any restrictions nor had I violated anything. Coincidentally I hadn’t downloaded much of anything from Envato for quite some time prior to this and didn’t download here much after that… as I wasn’t sure why that had happened and it had not before. (Maybe it was the time of day or something?)

I get it that y’all do not want stockpiling etc. as you have to eat like everyone else… I do get that. However, it is a bit draconian to state everywhere that there are unlimited downloads and you then do not clearly state specifics. Personally I am going to try and be a bit more organized about what I do… that is make more use of the collections which may help my work flow.

I have also subscribed to other sites that are very strait forward about licensing and downloads. For example…you are cut off from downloading at XXX downloads per day… period–and they don’t advertise “unlimited” anything-and that is stated up front on the sign-up plan page. And their are other sites as well from there that are also straight forward --complication free-- yet offer all that you offer here minus the 3d elements. As far as affordability–I do like the talent of the many artists here. On the other hand, there are free sites with quite a few really outstanding artists (I am actually shocked at the quality I find there)… all uncomplicated and free… I like to contribute my work there just to give back a little.

I really enjoy your site and have for years…I probably will again when I can afford it. However, at the end of the day, I am a big fan of simplicity rather than complications.

So, what are the limits? I’m trying to establish that… it’s nowhere documented. It just say “Unlimited” which is clearly NOT the case, since I got download suspended…

I’ve got hit about after about 90 images. I need to fill up certain categories on a blog with a client next to me, switching fast images… that will do 3 categories, I need about 15-20-25 images per category. And I have about 20 categories… That means I will have to wait what… a week to do 3 categories each day?